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Aldi’s Terrific Trip 1-30 Citrus Galore!


There are times when I walk into Aldi’s and the heavens open and the savings angels sing praises to money in our pocket! With our orange fascination we were more than elated to find a bag of oranges at this price! How did you do this week?


2 bags Navel Oranges 1.98/.99e

10 Grapefruit 1.50/.15e!!!!!

4 Green Peppers 2.58/1.29e

1 qt strawberries .99!

2 cola [DH] 1.18

1 pretzel 1.29

2 milk 5.78/2.89e

3–5lb sugar 6.42/.43lb [I have been trying to get Domino sugar at Wags/CVS, but no luck and we were down to the bottom of the barrel. On our trip to BJ’s Wholesale $3/5lbs. Not a great steal, sooooo happy to find this nice deal!]

2 dz eggs 1.48/.74

Total 23.28

Savings I have no idea, but I can tell you that I would have paid double surely in a store in the very least.