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Publix 1/31 Cereal, Cereal, and more Cereal


Basket full of groceries this week, and great savings! Man I was sure with my stack of coupons the cashier would run for the hills. I went to a Publix that gives me dirty looks because of q’s. DH was not on his best day so I stayed closer to home. Here is what we found!


4 Tena pads 5.19=20.76-[4]6.00MQ= -3.24MM

1 Kraft Cheese 4.99-1.00MQ wyb1lb -1.00PQ=2.99

3 Rotel Tomato Sauce .79=2.37-[3]free sauce wyb tomato=0.00 Free

1 Publix pop tart [DH] 1.99 ouch

6 Rotel diced tomatoes bogo 1.39=4.17-[2].55PQ=3.07/.51e

3 Coffeemate creamers 2.39=7.17-1.85MQ-1.50TQ=3.82/1.27e

6 Sominex 3.19=19.14-[3]5.00PQ -[6]1.00MQ= -1.86MM

6 Fiber One Cereal 2.50=15.00-[6]2.00PQ-[3]1.75MQ= -2.25MM

4 Cocoa Puffs 3.99=15.96-[4]2.00PQ-[2]1.75MQ=4.46/1.12e

10 Sambazon Acai Berry Smoothies 1.99=19.90-[9]2.00MQ-[1]free= -.09MM

Grand Total w/tax  9.83

Savings 93% $129.25!!!!!

This is possibly the best shopping trip ever. I have been getting better and better and the results are showing! I am so tickled about this I got in the car, walked around with this huge grin on my face saying I spent less than $10! How did you do this week?

Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars—MM@ Publix



Till 02/03 You can make these granola bars a MM.  On sale this week Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Bars, 6.24-17 oz for$2.49e. Paired with the $3 off 2 Publix coupon in the yellow Advantage Buy flyer and printable coupon for $1.10/1. Those lovelies pair together will make a beautiful deal.

4.98-3.00PQ-[2]1.10=  -.22MM!

Find any good deals @ Publix today?

Tofu Jerky


Most of my family has added their opinions on my newest Tofu experiment which comes at you from all directions. Most of the responses end in laughter, but I have them thinking. I have left the seed so to speak. Now I can rant and rave all I want about healthier eating, but tonight I ate a lovely Skinny Bar and to be honest not feeling so skinny. All in all this tofu was something I knew I could get DH to try. So here is the low down..

All day I heard this “Man that smells good”, “Is it done yet I want to try it.” After the eight hours of loving this tofu got did it pass the test?


Straight from the oven, and I mean straight still steaming DH began to chow. This is as if another revelation in this household. My husband thinking this was meat! [Just like the Splenda I have been mixing in the sugar for years? The sugar-free candy I used to pass off as the real thing.] Oh yes this was looking good. So all in all this recipe looks great. I need a bit of tweaking with the recipe because to me it needs a bit more oomph. Teriyaki flavor is a serious possibility. For now I am going to let this get a bit less sticky and try it again. Also I have a convection oven and I am not sure I needed those 8hrs I could be wrong.

Anyone have any tofu recipes that have made their family in awe?

To Sarah….still as yet that is some killer looking tofu jerky. I will save some for ya. Maybe can it? 😉

In the Kitchen this Week


With DH still home I find that much of my day is either cooking, or the usual more cleaning. [I still have no idea how the floors dirty themselves daily lol.] So here is a look at some of the happenings of the kitchen this week.

A wee bit of canning this week as I found a couple daikon in the produce market to pickle.

Felt the urge to use up a bit or oranges that were on there last leg. What better way than Chocolate Cheesecake?

The next recipe I will add a bit more info in the next post, but had some tofu which I haven’t found a recipe that our family adores. This jerky recipe was interesting. I modified it to our taste, and a bit of different ingredients and voila!

Make anything different this week you want to share?

BJ Wholesale Smorgasbord of Deals 1-30


Another day in virtual paradise when you can save money! Here are a couple of goodies we got at Bj’s Wholesale club because we were in serious need of Toilet Paper!

4 Snikiddy 3.59=14.36-[4].75mq=11.36/2.84e

1 –2pk V8 splash 3.29

1 Vitamin C 10.99-3.00BJQ=7.99

1–5lb Organic carrots 3.99

1–48pk AA batteries 7.99

1 container black pepper corns [will last a year if not more ;)] 6.99

1 Kitchen Aid grater marked down 5.90

1 organic applewood bacon 10.99/3.66lb

2 pk Chourico which I can’t find here on a deal so I didn’t care of the price much! I will freeze this off for a good while sooo tickled! Anyone else ever had this Portugese favorite? 27.74/4.49lb 15sticks

1 gorgeous top 4.00

1–45 Giant roll Charmin 23.99-3.00BJQ-[4].25MQ=19.99/.44 roll 3.00pk [this will last us 6 months hopefully!]

Total 110.23

Savings $10 in coupons, but to nickle and dime it would be vast. TP alone is $10 savings. Chourico is at least $8 surely more. Bacon is priceless that bacon is my treat time and again! Pepper is slim pickings compared to the store prices these days! Carrots $2 savings. Vitamins $40 savings. V8 $3 savings. Snikiddy’s well those in whole foods are the same price and this a 16oz 2/3 larger than the WF version.

In my modest opinion this deal was 51% in the very least, but hard to tell with current grocer prices.

Aldi’s Terrific Trip 1-30 Citrus Galore!


There are times when I walk into Aldi’s and the heavens open and the savings angels sing praises to money in our pocket! With our orange fascination we were more than elated to find a bag of oranges at this price! How did you do this week?


2 bags Navel Oranges 1.98/.99e

10 Grapefruit 1.50/.15e!!!!!

4 Green Peppers 2.58/1.29e

1 qt strawberries .99!

2 cola [DH] 1.18

1 pretzel 1.29

2 milk 5.78/2.89e

3–5lb sugar 6.42/.43lb [I have been trying to get Domino sugar at Wags/CVS, but no luck and we were down to the bottom of the barrel. On our trip to BJ’s Wholesale $3/5lbs. Not a great steal, sooooo happy to find this nice deal!]

2 dz eggs 1.48/.74

Total 23.28

Savings I have no idea, but I can tell you that I would have paid double surely in a store in the very least.

Chocolatey Delightful Target trip 1/29


Happy day everyone and thanks for taking the time to sit a spell and check out deals we found this week at Target.

Great clothing deals this week! Hope you found some too!


1 Merona tee [b;ack]4.48-3.00TQ=1.38

1 Merona [blue] tee 4.00-3.00TQ=1.00

1 snakeskinned looking tee [Sarah? Donna?]6.58-3.00mq=3.58

1 Merona ruffle shirt [fushia] [Donna? Sarah?] 5.38-3.00=2.38

8 Hershey chocolate 6.32-bogo q on air chocolate=3.16/.40e

2 Up Biotin vitamins 2.49=4.98-[2]1.00TQ=2.98/1.49e

1 up paper towel .99-.99TQ=FREE

2 clearance water bottles 2.96/1.48e

2 clearance water bottles 7.16/3.58e

4 Skinny Cow wafer chocolates [THEY ARE SO TASTY!!!! NOMNOMNOM] 3.99=15.96-[2]BOGO mq=7.98-[2]3.00TQ-[2]1.00mq=  -.02 MM

Total 24.58

savings $34.13 58%

I rarely buy things like water bottles, but these are a good quality, and the Rubbermaid bottles I bought years ago are making a huge mess in there lunchboxes…so this is a nice investment instead of endless plastic water bottles from the store.



Anyone made cheese before. I opened a pack of cream cheese and it was grainy! I was mortified since I bought it in bulk, and it was pricey. So I used it for baking and it was fine, but found a recipe for cream cheese. It seems simple enough, but any feedback on cheesemaking would be great! Maybe this will be my new project.