Tofu Jerky


Most of my family has added their opinions on my newest Tofu experiment which comes at you from all directions. Most of the responses end in laughter, but I have them thinking. I have left the seed so to speak. Now I can rant and rave all I want about healthier eating, but tonight I ate a lovely Skinny Bar and to be honest not feeling so skinny. All in all this tofu was something I knew I could get DH to try. So here is the low down..

All day I heard this “Man that smells good”, “Is it done yet I want to try it.” After the eight hours of loving this tofu got did it pass the test?


Straight from the oven, and I mean straight still steaming DH began to chow. This is as if another revelation in this household. My husband thinking this was meat! [Just like the Splenda I have been mixing in the sugar for years? The sugar-free candy I used to pass off as the real thing.] Oh yes this was looking good. So all in all this recipe looks great. I need a bit of tweaking with the recipe because to me it needs a bit more oomph. Teriyaki flavor is a serious possibility. For now I am going to let this get a bit less sticky and try it again. Also I have a convection oven and I am not sure I needed those 8hrs I could be wrong.

Anyone have any tofu recipes that have made their family in awe?

To Sarah….still as yet that is some killer looking tofu jerky. I will save some for ya. Maybe can it? 😉


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  1. Oh my, if you can it, I will let you know how the dog liked it! LOL! It doesn’t look too bad appearance wise, but just the thought of tofu jerkey…GROSS!! Not my thing! 🙂 Love you!

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