Never too young to learn savings…


Well Happy Sunday to you and yours! Yesterday after our visit to the local produce market with my youngest we picked up some lovely wares. After we both decided to share a lovely orange we sat at the table and spoke about how everything in life God has given us has a purpose. Even that orange peel. So lo and behold today I made a carrot cake just because…sometimes we all need a little carrot cake!

So it goes show that even that orange peel had a purpose. I grated it and used it to make the delicious cream cheese frosting. Also when in the hospital they had a medical show [yes in the hospital a medical show…like you don’t get scared enough being there!!!] it showed how the outside of the orange is the best nutrients as well as cleansing power for your body. Also great for indigestion, and heartburn! Who would have thought! Every day I take something for heartburn and haven’t drank orange juice in the longest time.

Well in the end we all have a purpose even an orange peel. Happy day spend it with those you love. xoxo


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